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Chewing is a natural behavior in all dogs, as it helps reduce stress and can also control barking, digging or other destructive behavior. The key to embracing your dog’s natural need to chew is to offer appropriate chew objects to help satisfy and relieve chewing urges. Petstages has developed innovative chewing toys designed to address chewing and dental health for each stage of your dog’s development. The perfect trio of toys for your small breed chewer!

Mini ORKA Pinecone: Great shape to chew, toss and fetch; ORKA material stands up to tough chewing and bozs & floats. Mini Cool Chew: Can be wet and frozen to soothe tender gums; Crunchy when frozen to provide soothing relief. Mini Dental Chew Rope: Rope removes soft tartar to enhance dental health; Knots add interest and challenge.